Air-dried pet foods are a unique category. They offer the convenience of “scoop and serve” like kibble, but the carefully crafted food retains much more of its natural nutrition and flavor, making it a much healthier choice to feed than highly processed dry food.

The moderate temperature used to make these foods allows for more moisture retention than kibble, while still keeping it shelf-stable. More importantly, the ingredients can retain more of their natural nutrition, so the diets can be balanced with fewer added supplements. Best of all, these foods retain more of their natural flavor.

Because these foods are so carefully made with quality ingredients they do cost more than most dry foods, but they can play a variety of roles in your pet’s diet and thus fit into your budget for highly nutritious, highly enticing food. The quality also means you feed less to achieve the nutrients and calories needed.

  • Training Treat
  • Topper
  • Mix-In
  • Puzzle Toy Filling
  • Complete Diet

Air-dried foods are produced by using warm air to slowly dry the ingredients. This is an age-old technique brought into the modern world in customized facilities.


Ziwi Peak is made in New Zealand. Their food is 96% meat ingredients and includes green-lipped mussel, which is high in taurine. The ingredients are blended together so the result is a consistent jerky-treat format. It’s available for both dogs and cats.

Real Meat is similar to ZiwiPeak in format and is also made in New Zealand. Their food is 90% meat ingredients in soft jerk-like pieces. It’s available for both dogs and cats.

Earth Animal Wisdom is made in the USA. Their food is 65% meat ingredients, and differs from the New Zealand foods we offer in that the ingredients are dried separately, resulting in a great variety of flavor pieces (meat, veggies, fruits, and “vitality cubes”).

All three brands are meant to be fed straight out of the bag, without adding water. You can always add water, goat milk, or broth, but the foods will maintain their structure.

It’s true, even the owner of Dexter’s Deli can have a picky eater. My Hudson, a 2-year-old terrier mix, is a finicky eater so I was super happy when I started adding the new WISDOM air-dried food as a topper to his regular raw meals. It’s been almost a year and Hudson has consistently liked the Wisdom as a topper and sometimes even as an extra treat. I’m very excited to bring Wisdom into the stores, we’re really digging this food.  —Tori


ZIWI PEAK air-dried diets are my #1 go-to for two distinct pets: the new pet who’s getting a lot of training throughout the day, and the pet with a poor appetite. It’s nutritionally complete, calorie-dense, and super enticing. It looks like a jerky treat; easy to furbish for training while also easy for them to eat. Most of all it smells amazing. You can be confident feeding this “first of its kind” food.  —Margarat