We can’t just focus on the outside “culprits” when it comes to allergy-type symptoms. We also need to focus on the inner ecosystem.

When our pets are suffering we want to find out what’s causing it. This can lead to an often frustrating search for the exact food or environmental villain so we can remove it from our pet’s life.

The trouble is that this way of looking at the problem rarely results in a solution if we aren’t also attending to the inner workings of our pet’s body. Supporting and restoring the immune system, liver functions, and digestion is truly the only way to get long-term results.

Feeding the cells of the body with truly nourishing foods is the foundation of restoring health. Fresh food, at whatever level you can manage, is going to give your pet what they need to repair their cells to good working order. One important benefit of fresh, species-appropriate feeding, is that it helps reduce inflammation, which is one of the most troublesome conditions that contributes to so many illnesses.

To truly restore health you need to do a little extra. Supplementing the diet with all-natural, wholesome additions that target specific functions of the body is all-important.


Bovine Colostrum is an important part of healing the immune system. It works directly through the gut, helping to heal the intestinal walls and put a stop to “leaky gut” where allergens trigger the immune system just a few cells over. It also helps reduce allergic responses. It works perfectly with probiotics in the healing of the microbiome system, a core part of the immune ecosystem. Colostrum from Four Leaf Rover is high-quality and ethically produced using colostrum from New Zealand.



Probiotics are essential to healing the digestive system, which helps to restore integrity and balance to the immune system. Feeding the right probiotics is the key to success, and Four Leaf Rover’s Protect formula provides just that. Their soil-based probiotics, in conjunction with prebiotic ingredients to support them, works effectively to restore the microbiome. This formula also includes ingredients to help remove toxins from the body without causing stress.


Liver Support

The liver does much of the heavy lifting when faced with toxins, medications, allergens, and an unsupportive diet. The beautiful thing about the liver, though, is that it can be restored with the use of well-chosen herbal foods. Milk Thistle Seed is well known for its safe and gentle support and repair abilities. We carry several products that include Milk Thistle Seed. Some are meant for long-term use to restore, while others are for short-term use to quickly address symptoms. Our favorite one for pets suffering from severe allergy symptoms is Sustenance Herbs Detox/Liver. It is used seasonally to kick-start the process in a safe, non-stressful way.

Quieting Inflammation

There are many products for quieting down the body’s inflammatory response. When it comes to a real medical need we recommend Beta-Thym, a supplement used by holistic vets all over the country to support pets with systemic inflammation, whether from allergies, cancer, or other major impacts on the system. It’s safe to use long-term, safe for the liver, and safe for the immune system, unlike some prescription medications given for these reasons.


Mushrooms for Immune Balance

There are many medicinal mushrooms to choose from that provide a wealth of benefits, including safely supporting the immune system without the worry of over-stimulating it. One of the most studied for immune system balancing is Turkey Tail. Four Leaf Rover’s powdered Turkey Tail is made with hot water extraction, an important step to notice when choosing a medicinal mushroom product.



Yeast – The Allergy Imposter

There are many dogs who never seem to get better when treated for allergies…. because that’s not the problem. They have systemic yeast, which can create the same inflammed skin and poor digestion that sensitivities and allergies can create. This kit from Four Leaf Rover is designed by a holistic vet to kill off candida and restore the gut to prevent future outbreaks. When used along with a species-appropriate, fresh diet you will see (and smell) the positive results.


When your pet is truly healthy, you will see improvement in so many aspects of their lives. They attract fewer pests like fleas. Their behavior is well-balanced. They maintain their health naturally, requiring fewer vet visits. They live longer. And who doesn’t want their pet to live a longer, more vibrant life?


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