As a follow-up to our post about giving your pets a Fresh Start in their diet, we want to dig into some of the details of our B.O.W.L. motto, starting with B is for BASE.

We know that most pet owners feed dry food as at least part of their pet’s diet, so let’s talk about some of the options.

High Protein, Low CarbSquarePet’s Chicken & Turkey dry food is very low carb, and they achieve this without the use of grains, potatoes, or legumes. Orijen also provides high protein options, including their “Fit & Trim,” a lower calorie kibble that provides the protein our meat-eating pets really need.

BakedLotus and Stella & Chewy’s bake their dry foods, which break up more easily than the more common extruded kibbles, making it a great choice for pets with sensitive mouths.

Lower CostFromm and Nutrisource, both family-owned companies, make lower-cost options that can help you feed a food you can feel confident about on a budget.

DigestibilityPureVita and Nutrisource have an enzyme spray added after cooking that really does work at improving the digestibility of the food.

Limited IngredientsSquarely Natural is a great option for those looking for fewer ingredients due to food sensitivities. We also have a lot of success with PureVita, even though it’s not strictly limited in ingredients.

“Prescription” DietsSquarePet’s VSF line offers high-quality alternatives for common medical needs, such as hydrolyzed protein for allergies, or low fat for chronic pancreatitis.

Puppy Food – Many companies make “all life stages” diets, but Stella & Chewy’s, Orijen, Open Farm, and Fromm all make puppy-specific formulas.

Certified HumaneOpen Farm ensures that all their foods are sourced with the highest integrity for the humane care of the farm animals.

Not Quite KibbleThe Honest Kitchen makes a unique, crunchy, cluster dry food, achieved with less harsh processing than standard dry foods.


For more about how to really understand a pet food label, this article does a good job of showing you what all the terms mean, and how to understand the ingredient panel.

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Even though we sell dry food we still believe that everything a body needs to thrive can’t just come from a bag of dry food. That’s why we try to help every customer Build A Better Bowl and include fresher foods and supplements for their beloved pets.