We Love Fresh Food!

We love the idea of pets eating fresh food without heavy processing and questionable ingredients, and we know many of you do this with home-cooked diets. The trouble is that often what may have started as a temporary extra has become a full diet, without attention to the real nutritional needs of your pet.

It’s just not as simple as putting a few ingredients in a crockpot. Yes, your dog enjoys it, but that’s not all you need to be concerned with.

Did you know that dogs and cats, for their size, require more calcium in their diet than we do?


Calcium is the number one missing ingredient in most home-cooked pet diets. It’s so important that we have a Pet Health Guide just about calcium.

Pets that aren’t fed enough calcium will literally strip-mine their own skeleton for it. You won’t see this happening until it’s too late, and the results can be devastating.

Fortunately, there are excellent options at Dexter’s for ensuring that your pet eats a home-cooked meal that covers their nutritional needs.


The first thing you should do is download our Pet Health Guide on Home-Cooking which will give you an overview of the basics and has real world examples of what to combine. There are options for all kinds of situations. The most important thing is to be honest about what will work best for you, so you can feed a consistently healthy diet.


“One & Done”

Does your head spin when you think about all the options? Do you just want to keep it simple? Or maybe you’re doing an elimination diet or other medical diet and want to keep it simple?

If that’s you then Enhance from Annamaet is a good choice. It covers all the basics and includes plenty of calcium (so this is for diets that don’t include bones).


“Make It Special”

If you like to customize with some of our great herbal supplements we recommend partnering those “daily greens” with a separate calcium supplement like Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium or Pet’s Friend Eggshell Calcium. These are for diets that don’t include bones, but you do want to include a supplement like Herbsmith Nutrients, Sustenance Herbs CWB Daily, or Herbal Pet Boost to round things out and provide support for the organ and immune systems.

*We have all these supplement options available in our online store.*

“I Want It EASY”

A busy life can make it hard to keep up with a scratch pet food recipe. Fortunately, there are terrific shelf-stable products you can use. Premixes are the way to go! We’ve got brands like The Honest Kitchen, Dr. Harvey’s, and Grandma Lucy’s to choose from, so there’s an option for every need.