Herbsmith Provides a Range of Wellness Options for Pets

Why Herbs? They provide well-researched health benefits They can boost the nutrition of any diet They can provide safe alternatives to some prescriptions They do their best work preventing disease, thus avoiding unnecessary vet visits Why Herbsmith? Formulated by a holistic veterinarian Based on traditional and well-researched information Formulas are designed to work for most [...]

Bad Breath is No Laughing Matter!

STOP everyone! Drop that dental scaler that you just bought online, you’re about to do an illegal act on your pet! Yes, according to the California Veterinary Medical Board and the office of California Consumer Affairs - scraping a pet’s teeth with a metal scaler without a veterinarian over-seeing you is considered a “dental operation” [...]

The Fourth Stage of Life

Have you ever thought about hospice for your pet? Your vet may have talked to you about the three stages of your pet’s life, puppy, adult and geriatric, but what about the fourth stage: the end of life stage?   What is Animal Hospice? Hospice is often misunderstood as only being about the actual end [...]

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Feeding Senior Pets: the basics

SENIOR FOOD? There actually isn't a scientific basis for "senior" diets. The goal of feeding an older animal is to ensure there is plenty of highly digestible protein, sufficient fiber, proper fat levels, and supplements that reduce inflammation and increase immunity. PREVENTING OBESITY This is one of the most common problems in older pets, and one [...]

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