Emergency! Get Prepared.

The recent fires in San Diego County have reminded us all of the importance of being prepared for emergencies, especially evacuations. Pets have been separated from their families because of something as simple as not wearing a collar. Planning ahead for such unexpected events is easy to put off, but we hope we can provide [...]

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Bad Breath is No Laughing Matter!

STOP everyone! Drop that dental scaler that you just bought online, you’re about to do an illegal act on your pet! Yes, according to the California Veterinary Medical Board and the office of California Consumer Affairs - scraping a pet’s teeth with a metal scaler without a veterinarian over-seeing you is considered a “dental operation” [...]

Basic Digestive Health

Many aspects of modern life can cause problems in the digestive system. Often pet owners are told that their pet's digestive weakness is normal. If not cared for, a minor digestive weakness can develop in to more serious long term health issues. Download this information as a PDF See our complete list of informative PDFs on [...]

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Apple Cider Vinegar – an old standby

Apple Cider Vineger (ACV) has been used for centuries has a reliable home remedy for many health issues. It can be used both internally and externally, and unless used thoughtlessly (don't get it in the eyes, don't overdo it) should cause no harm. ALWAYS USE RAW ACVIt's essential to use raw apple cider vinegar. The [...]

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Safe Summer Fun

We all know the safety concerns of summer heat for pets, and take care to ensure they stay cool. Exercising in early morning or evening with plenty of breaks, leaving them home on midday car errands, forgoing the weight-bearing backpacks on walks, and being especially careful with overweight and short-nosed dogs are all part of [...]

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