Can You Find A Grain of Truth?

There is STILL so much confusion and controversy swirling around about whether to feed dogs grain-free food or with-grain food!  Unfortunately, the veterinary community is just as confused, and we’re sad to see many of them fanning the flames of misinformation about what impact if any this over-simplified choice has on heart health in dogs.  [...]

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The DCM Debate Is In Reruns

We last blogged about this issue back in 2018, when the headlines first appeared that certain kinds of dry food formulas could be causing heart problems in dogs. Not much has changed since then in terms of research and answers, but the pet food industry has made changes to eliminate the concern. Read on for [...]

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Take Ownership of Your Pet’s Food Bowl

The world of pet food regulation is crazy-making! The more you learn about the lack of regulation and the willful cheapening of source ingredients, the more dismaying it is.     We are part of the pet food supply chain and do our best to ensure that we're offering our customers the healthiest options available in [...]

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Concerned about your Champion?

We know our customers are currently seeing news about Orijen & Acana dog and cat foods that would be a concern to any pet owner. A lawsuit is being brought against them that claims that the food contains high levels of dangerous heavy metals. However, if you get past the headlines and look at the [...]

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Understanding Raw Food Recalls

As raw food becomes a larger part of the pet food market, the problematic pet food regulation maze becomes more apparent. We’ve all been warned about Salmonella contamination in our own food, like bagged spinach or peanut butter, and it is important to acknowledge that some strains of Salmonella can be dangerous – but that’s [...]

The Truth Hurts But The Lies Can Kill

It has been challenging trying to navigate the murky division between fact and fiction in regards to the pentobarbital discovered in both the Evangers and Party Animal brands of canned pet food. The scope of the Evanger's tainted meat is painful, not only for the loss of pet’s lives and health, but the loss of trust [...]

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Dry Food Safety – Storage Is Up To You

Dry foods, while designed to be stable for storage, can actually degrade quickly once the bag is opened and oxidation begins.  This is especially true of foods containing fish and fish oil, which go rancid more quickly than other fats. Trust your nose (and your dog’s nose)! Rancid fats may make your dog sick, or [...]

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Is the FDA out for blood?

If you feed raw pet food you might be concerned about the recent uptick in recalls by raw pet food manufacturers. You might be starting to second-guess your choice of a raw diet for your dog or cat because you keep hearing about raw food being recalled. Here are some important things to know to [...]

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