Natural Flea Management

Natural flea management requires three levels of care for best results – Internal, Topical, and Environmental. It takes more effort than a once-a-month drug but it spares your pet’s body the burden of detoxing from those chemicals for which no long-term safety studies have been done. If you are concerned about chronic health problems and [...]

Kongs & Other Foraging Toys

Foraging Toys are the best way to satisfy dogs and cats natural urge to hunt, chew, problem-solve, and play. BENEFITS • Relieves boredom • Reduces anxiety • Helps with crate training • Provides physical & intellectual stimulation Download a PDF handout of this information Kong Classic – the #1 toy for puppies and dogs. Made [...]

Tips for Adding Supplements

Supplements shouldn’t be thought of as optional. Perhaps they should be called “complements” because they contribute important natural whole-food nutrients not often found in packaged and homemade diets.   The option is considering which ones to use at different stages of your pet’s life. Talking with your vet, herbalist, or other pet professional is one [...]


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