Feline Specialist, Carlsbad

Paige is an avid animal lover and has always had an interest in natural health for people. She has her B.A. in Holistic Healing through Mind & Body from San Francisco State University, and is certified as an Herbalist & Nutrition Consultant by the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas. Many of you know Paige for [...]


Pack Leader, Carlsbad

Jamie has always had a love for animals and values her work at Dexter’s for all of the wonderful knowledge she’s gained and the long-term learning environment. She was a groomer for over 8 years and is now a professional toe trimmer (for 4-legged only). She loves the saying “You are what you eat, drink, [...]


Tori Rosay
Founder of Dexter’s Deli

FOUNDER OF DEXTER'S DELI Tori founded Dexter's Deli in 1996, the first store in San Diego to sell natural foods for pets and at the time was one of only a handful of stores across the country to promote the concept of healthy and alternative ways to care for our dogs and cats. Her passion [...]


Holistic Educator

Margarat has 30 years of professional experience with dogs and has combined this knowledge with continuing studies in holistic health and energetic healing. Margarat has her own wellness care business for dogs, The Art of Dog, offering acupressure, energetic body balancing, flower essences, herbs, and natural nutrition advice (she is a certified Raw Pet Food [...]


Events & Promotions Coordinator

Toby grew up on horseback riding the Southern California show circuit. Her first adopted dog was Sauci, a Doberman Pinscher with Wobbler's Syndrome. Searching for ways to improve Sauci's life, Toby found Dexter's Deli in 1998 and began a new way of feeding and healing all pets from that day forward. Toby is a shelter [...]



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