Chancel has been working professionally with dogs for over 10 years. Starting as a certified Vet Assistant before moving into training, including work rehabilitating dogs at the San Diego Humane Society. While at SDHS she also traveled with the ASPCA to work with dogs from the US’s second largest dog fighting ring. She has multiple certifications as a force-free trainer, and helps dogs and cats (and their owners) through her own business, Click Dog Training. Chancel has seen plenty of evidence of the importance of nutrition on health, happiness, and behavior, and uses holistic remedies to assist and enhance the progress of her training clients. Chancel has two rescue dogs. She adopted Evie Roo, an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix with deformed front legs, when she worked at SDHS. Reaper is her border collie rescued from Border Collies In Need. She has a love for positive training, holistic nutrition and all animals.


What are you feeding at home?

Halshan and Wild instincts

What’s your pet’s favorite treat or toy?

Gibsons Toasted Turkey treats and the Jolly Pet Crab tug toy!

What natural remedy do you rely on?

Wondercide Spray to keep ticks away on hikes!

How did your pet come into your life?

I was looking for another border collie rescue and my first puppy. I found Reaper through Border Collies in Need. Evie, I met while working at SD Humane Society, and I immediately fell in love with her and knew she needed to be part of the family.