Chelsey has returned to San Diego after spending time in LA & Santa Barbara working in TV and film production, as well as working at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s Los Angeles campus where she fell in love with the bully breeds. After a short stint with another store she’s here at Dexter’s where she loves to help our customers apply the age-old wisdom “let food be your medicine” to the care of their pets. At home she has a terrier mix named Waffles, and helps to care for five more dogs through her extended family.

What are you feeding at home?
At home I feed a rotation of Answers, Raw Bistro and then Ziwi Peak when traveling. I alternate Answers raw fermented goats milk and their raw cow kefir with almost every meal.

What’s your pet’s favorite treat or toy?
Food-wise my dogs LOVE The Honest Kitchen tough fish skins for a nice extended chew. Toy wise, they go crazy for the Kong teddy bears that they somehow ARE NOT able to shred in minutes.

What natural remedy do you rely on?
I’m a die hard believer in the effectiveness of Answers raw fermented goats milk. I’ve not only witnessed major transformations in sick, yeasty and mangy rescue dogs but also your average itchy golden or lab. It’s one of the most transformative foods I have fed my dogs.

How did your pet come into your life?
I adopted my dog Waffles in 2014 from an organization that rescued him from a San Bernardino shelter. I saw his little alien face on their Facebook and knew that he was the one! I also help care for my partner’s 3 rescue dogs Alison, Carlos and Baby Casper who have become my little fur children as well.