We know our customers are currently seeing news about Orijen & Acana dog and cat foods that would be a concern to any pet owner.
A lawsuit is being brought against them that claims that the food contains high levels of dangerous heavy metals.
However, if you get past the headlines and look at the facts you’ll see what we do, an overblown attempt by an organization with questionable tactics and flawed science.
We still believe that these foods are among the most thoughtfully made dry foods available, and we recommend that you learn more about the issue at the links below.
As you know we keep our eyes open about the pet food industry and are not afraid to discontinue foods from our stores when we believe they are a risk to our pets. This report does not fit the bill.
Read this good blog post from Truth About Pet Food that deals with the facts of this case.
This article from The Whole Dog Journal does a good job at showing you why you should question The Clean Label Project who is bringing the suit.
Here is some information directly from Champion, the makers of Orijen and Acana.