Evan’s background is in accounting, but he wanted to do something a little more fun so now he’s with us! He is an avid sports fan but especially loves following his Alma Mater, the University of Arizona, and loves outdoor sports, especially with his dog Lily, who’s making as much use of Dog Beach as possible (would you expect any less from a Lab?). He enjoys practicing yoga and mindfulness whenever possible and lives a healthy lifestyle, though not as healthy as Lily who was able to avoid surgery for a partially torn ACL through physical therapy, chiropractic work, acupuncture and supplements.

What are you feeding at home?
I rotate between Halshan, My Perfect Pet and Smallbatch with Honest Kitchen or Grandma Lucy’s as a base. I always mix in various bone broths and Green Juju.

What’s your pet’s favorite treat?
Lily’s favorite day to day treat is the Answer’s Raw Fermented Goat Cheese. Beef Marrow bones are without a doubt her favorite overall treat and they help keep her teeth clean!

What’s your pet’s favorite toy?
At home and at the park she loves either a Kong squeaky ball or the rubber Dexter’s squeaky balls. At the beach, she can’t get enough of the Katie’s Original Bumper.

What natural remedy do you rely on?
I give a pretty wide array of natural remedies but my current “go-to” is the Holistic Hound Hemp and Mushroom treats.

How did your pet come into your life?
I grew up loving yellow labs because of their sweet disposition and fun personality. I decided to get a yellow lab puppy when visiting Redlands, CA and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.