We are so proud that we were able to present SNAP with a ten thousand dollar check from our February Save A Sweetheart Fundraiser.

It is because of the kindness and generosity of all our wonderful customers and vendors that made this needed gift possible.

We delivered the check while the bus was down in doing a BIG DOG Spay & Neuter Day in Chula Vista and got to see first had the SNAP team doing this much needed community service. It was so awesome to learn all that it takes to keep the Neuter Scooter on the move and always booked. The Neuter Scooter is a fully-equipped mobile surgical unit that can travel to local communities where their services are needed most! It all starts with just ONE unfixed pet, for there are more dogs and cats are born everyday than there are homes for, SNAP this is ground zero animal rescue service.

You helped us achieve this!

Please take a moment to appreciate what our wonderful Dexter’s pet lover community accomplished.