The Wellness Boost segment of our B.O.W.L. motto is a big one, encompassing a wide range of natural products. Some are called “foods,” and some are called “supplements,” but all should be seen as a natural and healthy way of maintaining and improving your pet’s health.

Many of the products that qualify as Wellness Boosts used to be part of our everyday habits and meals, but as we’ve moved away from homemade and homegrown we’ve forgotten about how easy it can be to add them back in and the important place they have in boosting health.

It’s important to understand that health isn’t about “one and done.” Layering in healthful additions gives the body a variety of benefits that work together. We’re talking ecosystem, not machine.

Ecosystems need tending, so never worry about starting too early with Wellness Boosters.

Our PET HEALTH GUIDES are where we give you guidance on Wellness Boosters for overall health as well as specific needs, but let’s talk about some of our most popular ones to get started with.

Raw Goat Milk is one of the most popular add-ins we sell. Pets love it poured over any meal, and it’s a natural source of digestive enzymes to improve their ability to absorb nutrients. The products we carry are all cultured with a wide range of probiotics too. We even have some that have beneficial additions like blueberries,  cranberries, pumpkin, and kale, so you can easily provide even more natural nutrition to your pet’s bowl (watch our short video on these enhanced goat milks from Primal).

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are an important addition for everyone these days, including your dog and cat. Improving skin integrity, reducing inflammation, and enhancing the nervous system are just three of the many benefits you’ll get when you add fish oil, marine phytoplankton, or specially formulated treats.

“Green Dailies” are an important way to add targeted nutrients without filling up your pet’s bowl with “salad” they won’t eat. Well-known superfoods like spirulina, milk thistle seed, ashwagandha, and kelp are some of the ingredients you’ll find in our most popular daily blends. These products are your upkeep add-ins.

Targeted Herbal Formulas for specific conditions provide wonderful support for pets, often helping them avoid stressful vet visits by resolving common health imbalances or supporting them into their elder years. We carry a range of brands because we always want to have the best of the best on the shelf. One of the brands that offers many options is Herbsmith, formulated by a holistic veterinarian to be easy to use for so many health situations, such as bladder issues, seasonal allergies, and arthritis.

Our staff can help you navigate this enriching world of pet health. There’s no time like now to enhance and boost your pet’s health naturally, right in their food bowl.