Get Your Pet’s Vaccine Titer Checked

Saturday, February 7th, Dr. Tamara Hebbler will be having Titer Clinic in Solana Beach from 12:00pm- 2:00pm.

What’s a titer test? It can help indicate whether your pet is still protected by past vaccinations, giving you valuable information to help you decide about future vaccinations. Over-vaccination may be the cause of chronic health problems in some dogs, and titer testing can help you.
The total cost for testing titers for both parvovirus & distemper is $60 for your first dog, and $55 for your additional dogs. The rabies titer test
> is $115.

You need to sign up in advance, so please use their webpage form or call Dr. Hebbler’s office at (877) 738-4673. If you can’t make this date the online form will let you indicate your interest in future clinics. There is also a link to more information on titer testing.