We all wish it was as easy as that saying makes it seem.

While we humans can self-reflect on our circumstances, our pets need our help with unexpected changes and stress.

If you’ve been working from home but are soon going to be working away, you should start to gradually acclimate your pet to your absence. You might want to work with a trainer who can help you strategize the best plan for your pet, and you should always work with a trainer who wants to support your pet, not punish them.

The arrival of summer also means the arrival of fireworks. While we can plan how to keep our pets safe on the 4th of July, there are more and more instances of fireworks being set off in residential neighborhoods that can’t be planned for.

At Dexter’s Deli we offer a wide range of products to help your pet be calmer and safer when faced with stressful situations. Take a look at the different categories and you’ll see that using more than one at a time gives the most effective results.

Start with the basics

  • Feeding a healthy diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil will help your pet’s nervous system function more smoothly.
  • Adding a daily wholefood supplement supplies more natural nutrition to help reduce stress at the source.
  • Ensuring that your pet is safe and secure (including an ID tag and microchip) when you anticipate a stressful situation is the kindest way to avoid the worst-case scenario of an escaped pet.
  • Being prepared at home with the calming supplements that work best for your pet means you won’t be caught off guard when the unexpected happens.

Snacks with calming ingredients

This is the easiest way to offer calming ingredients to your pet, and they work well for milder problems and in combination with other kinds of support. You always want to keep track of how many you’re giving, because of course they aren’t just treats, so read the guidelines on how much to offer.

HERBSMITH 3RD OF JULY is a soft treat that provides a very easy way to give your pet calming herbs. Separate packages for small and large dogs mean it’s easy to figure out the right dose. All this makes it a terrific choice for when you’ve asked a friend or family member to care for your pet since no special dosing skills are needed.

CDB TREATS specifically designed for pets are available from several companies, and we try to carry a range of options – crunchy and soft, large and small (and for cats), and some have additional calming herbs. Be aware that treats take longer to absorbs than liquids squirted into the mouth, so allow extra time when you know a stressful event is imminent.

Gentle support with flower essences and homeopathics

These are the way to go if you are concerned about herbal products interacting with your pet’s medication. They are completely safe and will never interact with prescription, but they truly offer support for pets experiencing stressful situations. They are perfect for layering with herbal products, medications, and behavior modification programs.

FIVE FLOWER FORMULA is the “first aid kit” of flower essence formulas. This formula will benefit you too – because if you’re worried about your pet they will feel it too.  This product can be added to drinking water, misted, and applied topically with your hands (a great way to share the relief). Read our Pet Health Guide on Flower Essences to learn more.

BLACKWING FARMS HOME ALONE is a flower essence formula that relieves fears and worries associated with separation anxiety, adjusting to changes, and noise phobias. You can use in all the ways described in our handout, just like Five Flower Formula.

HOMEOPET FIREWORKS is an effective and easy-to-administer liquid that targets fears and phobias caused by sounds, like Fireworks. Here in the San Diego area some of our pets are frightened by military bombing practice too. This tasteless liquid can be given directly in the mouth, and added to water, and because it’s a liquid it acts quickly.

Herbal formulas for extra calming, whether “in the moment” or added to food

ANIMAL ESSENTIALS COMFORT PLUS is a sweet liquid that promotes relaxation with a simple but effective two-herb formula. It’s easy to administer to dogs and cats (yes, cats), and works quickly to reduce anxiety.

HERBAL ENERGETICS PET CALM is a blend of tried and true calming herbs. It can be added to meals when you know your pet is going through a stressful time, like schedule and home changes. It’s especially helpful for pets who might get digestive upset from stress or fear.

CBD LIQUID EXTRACTS absorb quickly when given directly in the mouth. This allows you to customize the dose for quick results. It’s helpful to look at the various doses to match them with your pet’s size.