Jamie has always had a love for animals and values her work at Dexter’s for all of the wonderful knowledge she’s gained and the long-term learning environment. She was a groomer for over 8 years and is now a professional toe trimmer (for 4-legged only). She loves the saying “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do” (Patricia Bragg) and strives to apply that philosophy in her life for herself and her pet. Thanks to her boxer mix, Sage, she has taken up and found the joy in running. When not busy with Sage or her cat Wallaby she enjoys photography, hiking, reading, and recently began studying Reiki and working with crystals.

What are you feeding at home?
Wallaby eats Dexter Delish Chicken with Acana kibble for a snack. Sage eats a mix of Raw Bistro Chicken, Smallbatch turkey, and Harmony Farms turkey.

What’s your pets’ favorite toy?
Sage’s absolute favorite thing in the world is the ChuckIt MaxGlow, it’s also great for night time fetch sessions. Wallaby’s is our SPOT colorful springs.

What natural remedies do you rely on?
Arnica, it’s an easy to dose homeopathic that is fast acting and will help with most aches and pains.

How did your pets come into your life?
I was given Wallaby by my friend who knew I was looking for a cat, and Sage was rehomed to me by someone who could no longer care for her.