JD has been a pet enthusiast since he was a kid. Growing up in rural Lake Elsinore raising miniature goats and fostering everything from farm animals to kittens gave him early insight into how much companions animals enrich our lives. After several years in people-centric businesses he returned to the world of animals and after several years of experience is now at Dexter’s. He’s continuing his business education and is certified Pet Nutrition Expert. He loves going to theme parks with his wife and three sons when he’s not so busy. His elder black lab Junior is happy to lounge around getting lovin’ from any one that comes by as long as he can keep his grunting toys too.

What are you feeding at home?
We are feeding Honest Kitchen LID Beef, with added Stella and Chewy freeze dried raw rehydrated with Answers Goat Milk. I also add a handful of Petcurean Go Venison Kibble for a crunch.

What’s your pet’s favorite treat?
He favorite treat is the Stella & Chewy wild weenies. He does not care what protein.

What natural remedy do you rely on?
Luckily he has been pretty healthy, but the Answer Goat Milk has been an amazing additive that got rid of his “lab farts”.

How did your pet come into your life?
Junior came into my life as a gift when he was a puppy and won over the hearts of everyone in my family.