Jessica is brand new to the world of natural pet care, but she’s looking forward to learning and helping customers care for their pets. She’s starting out right with her family dog Tater Tot expanding his diet and using natural remedies to help with his anxiety.

What are you feeding at home?

I am currently feeding Petcurean Go! kibble with a mix of canned foods from Weruva, PureVita, and Stella & Chewy’s, or some the Smallbatch Lightly cooked as a topper. I also add in the Nordic Naturals Omega Pet capsules.

What is you pet’s favorite toy?

Tater loves the Steel Dog Ruffian Shark with it’s extra crinkle bottle inside.

What natural remedy do you rely on?

I really rely on the tranquility blend from Animal Essentials because he gets scared of fireworks and the loud booms from Camp Pendleton and this product calms him down more than anything.

How did your pet come into your life?

Tater was at a pit bull rescue and my parents saw him on their website and just had to get him.