Margarat has 30 years of professional experience with dogs and has combined this knowledge with continuing studies in holistic health and energetic healing. Margarat has her own wellness care business for dogs, The Art of Dog, offering acupressure, energetic body balancing, flower essences, herbs, and natural nutrition advice (she is a certified Raw Pet Food Nutrition Specialist). She also does Vibrational Sound Therapy & flower essences for people through her business Earth+Song+Energy. She is a member of the American Herbalists Guild, and the Vibrational Sound Therapy Association, as well as holding a Master of Fine Arts degree from UCSD. She escapes annually to a family cabin in New Hampshire to enjoy the forest with her dogs Kestrel and Johnny

What are you feeding at home?
I’m currently feeding mostly raw – our our Dexter’s formulas, as well as Raw Bistro and Bones & Co. I had a little Grandma Lucy’s Macanna to the container I defrost the food in mainly as a way to squeeze in a few more calories for my younger dog Johnny, but it also helps soak up some of the water so it’s less messy in the Toppl toys I use as dishes for their meals.  My dogs also get some custom herbs, as well as Four Leaf Rover Green Eggs for their joints.

What’s your pet’s favorite treat?
Dried fish skins chews are the house favorite.

What natural remedy do you rely on?
I’m an herbalist so that’s hard to narrow down! My “never leave home without it” has got to be Five Flower Formula flower essence blend from Healing Herbs.

How did your pets come into your life?
I met Kestrel at a “Labs & More” adoption event (she’s definitely in the “& more” camp), it took three weeks for me to meet her again but she was worth the wait. Johnny, who is a smooth Saluki, came all the way from Israel, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to have a Saluki while also bringing “country of origin” genetics to the USA to help preserve the heritage of this ancient breed.