Mark has been an animal lover his entire life. When he was younger he wanted to be a veterinarian and worked as a volunteer vet tech for a couple of years. He has had dogs that were large, small, and everything in between. His current pack consists of his 4 year old Terrier/Spaniel mix named Ellie (“the love of my life”) and he also took over care of his Dad’s senior chihuahua named Shieba. He has had all kinds of reptiles and saltwater fish in and out of his life so the love doesn’t stop with the dogs. He enjoys being outdoors and loves to be in the ocean surfing. He’s currently going to school for his bachelors in Marine Biology with a minor in Zoology, “I would like to get my masters in something like Wildlife and Behavior Management and travel the world studying wildlife.”

What do you feed your dog?
I have moved my Terrier to a 90% raw diet of Smallbatch and Halshan and mix in Sustenance Herbs Canine Wellness, fish oil, bone broth, and am about to start incorporating mushrooms as well.

What is your pet’s favorite treat?
Ellie will eat anything you put in front of her but she is all about anything with fish in it so cod skins, bahia blues, and wolffish skins. She is super food motivated and I was able to train her back in the day with just her kibble.

What natural remedy do you rely on?
Ellie is the healthiest dog I have ever owned and doesn’t really have any problems (knock on wood) but I have noticed a big difference in energy, shedding, and poop from switching her over to a raw diet.

How did your pet come in to your life?
My ex and I went to 10 different shelters until we ended up at Helen Woodward and I instantly fell in love with “Daisy” and took her home and changed her name to Ellie immediately. I did all the training and considered her my dog so when we split up I kept her and have loved her ever since.