Eat Clean in 2016
“Let food be your medicine” is as relevant today as it was in ancient Greece – and it applies to your pets too. Nothing is more important to your pet’s long term health than their diet, and including healthy fresh food should be a goal for every pet owner. This isn’t an all-or-nothing “call to raw” but a shift in habit to promote optimal health throughout your pet’s life.
2016.RawResolution_3x3_smDexter’s can help you navigate the change with suggestions that will fit any pet’s needs. Get started by trying Primal raw foods and take advantage of their Raw Resolution offer, come in to Dexter’s to pick up a coupon for a free Starter Pak or $3 off any one package of their Primal Formula diets.
Play Your Way to Better Behavior
Training your pet doesn’t have to be tough or hard, it can be playful and enjoyable. Find an educated positive reinforcement trainer to teach you how to teach your dog. A well behaved dog is welcome in more place, which means more time with your furry companion (which is what you know THEY want more of for the New Year).
brittatrainingDexter’s is partnering with Britta Wilson to bring classes to you on our lovely Del Mar patio. Take time for five Saturday mornings to enhance your relationship with your pet while learning to teach them good manners. Whether you have a new puppy, a teenage renegade, or an adult adoptee, there’s a session for you. Sign up at our store or directly with Britta’s Animal Training.
Ask Questions: Be Your Pet’s Advocate
There’s no such thing as a dumb question. Never be afraid to ask, it’s how you learn, and (to paraphrase Maya Angelou) when you learn better you do better for your pets. For the 20th anniversary of Dexter’s Deli we want you to ask questions.
squarepuptextMake it a habit to ask your vet questions. If you don’t understand why they’ve recommended something, ask them to explain it again. If they want to revaccinate your adult pet, ask them why. Ask them if they’ve read the current science, or even the current professional guidelines on core vs. non-core vaccines. If they want to give your pet an even more “comprehensive” flea-killing treatment ask them what kind of safety testing this product has undergone, and whether any animals have been made ill or have died from it. If they want you to feed your sick dog a “prescription” processed food ask them for a fresher alternative (or a referral to a practitioner who can) that can help your pet thrive, not just survive.
Listen & Learn
Make it a goal to learn your pet’s culture listen to them with an open heart to begin to see the world through their eyes. Leave your phone at home when you take your dog for a walk so you can walk with them and use the time to enliven your partnership. What does your cat notice at the window? Perhaps it’s time to “catify” your home to give your feline more ways to “act cat.”
bordercollieeventsquareiconA unique way to learn about what your pet is thinking is through the assistance of a professional animal communicator. Our well-regarded Talk To The Animals fundraiser event will happening on February 6th where you can dip your toes into the process of working with an animal communicator while also supporting a local animal charity.
Our pets are the experts at teaching us love and compassion. May we learn the lessons and bring that love and compassion into all of our actions on this planet.