Paige is an avid animal lover and has always had an interest in natural health for people. She has her B.A. in Holistic Healing through Mind & Body from San Francisco State University, and is certified as an Herbalist & Nutrition Consultant by the Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas. Many of you know Paige for her excellent customer service and knowledge of natural health for pets. Paige shares her home with Lotus the blind wondercat and Ziggy the wild man Maine coon (both rescues from SPOT Oceanside rescue).

What are you feeding?
I used to feed Rad Cat but now that it’s unavailable my cats have started eating the Dexter’s Delish beef heart and some Orijen 6 fish or Acana grasslands kibble as a treat.

What’s you pets favorite treat?
My cats both like the Catmandoo wild salmon treats and the Pure Vita duck liver treats.

What Natural remedy do you rely on?
I always have a supply of Arnica 30C and Five Flower Formula on hand. I also have Vetericyn for any skin issues that arise.

How did you pet come into your life?
Both of my cats are rescues from Spot Oceanside. One was from my first attempt at fostering and the other was adopted a few months later to be a companion to the first one.