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We have partnered with Qualified Pet Dental to offer anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.
Pet Dentals are done without any anesthesia, this method has proven to be safe, effective, and less stressful for your dog or cat.


(Includes full physical exam before treatment)

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How do they do the cleaning?

Your dog or cat held comfortably, not restrained, by a trained dental technician, where they perform a 7-step dental cleaning method using a combination of ultrasonic and manual techniques that does including cleaning under the gum line.

Special trained pet hygienists ensure efficient, safe and effective removal of plaque and tartar. Pricing always includes a vet exam, detailed oral exam with charting, cleaning and polish. *Some pets may also require antibiotics, which is an additional cost.

In some cases, the doctor may determine that your pet cannot, for medical or behavioral reasons, safely receive this dental treatment. This is rare, but occasionally it does happen. If they cannot treat your pet you will only be charged a veterinary assessment fee of $44.

There is a $44 cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice.

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