Rattlesnake Emergency Kit


We love to get on the trails with our dogs so it’s essential to be aware and safe about rattlesnakes. Don’t allow your dog to explore off-leash or go far ahead on an extendable leash. Keep your eye on the path ahead and your ears open for the tell-tale warning that rattlesnakes use to keep us away. If the worst happens and your dog is bitten don’t delay getting veterinary help. If you have your cell phone with you call ahead to let them know you’re coming and to ensure that they have anti-venom available.

Our Rattlesnake Kit contains two natural remedies to help your pet have a better outcome from this emergency situation.





Be prepared for a snake bit. Use this & get to the vet! This kit includes Five Flower Formula & Crotalus Horridus 200c

Five Flower Formula: for all emergencies. Give 2-4 drops immediately, then every 5 minutes until you reach the vet. Drops can be wiped on the lips. Use for attending humans too.

Crotalus 200c: For rattlesnake bites. Give 2-4 pellets immediately. Give 2-4 pellets every 5-10 minutes while on your way to the vet. Pellets do not have to be swallowed to be effective.

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