Wiley’s Chicken Snaps 4oz


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Wiley’s Chicken Snaps are an instant classic. Made from high quality chicken and produced entirely in the USA, they’re bound to be a hit with your pup. We only use hormone and antibiotic free, vegetarian-fed chicken to create a high-value treat that you can feel good about using to reward your dog.

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Wiley’s Chicken Snaps are a great treat for training.  “Every company says that about their treats” you say.  Why yes, yes they do, we even do on other product descriptions right here on this site.  Through our dehydrating process, carefully honed over the last decade, we have made a high value product that portions easily. When Wiley is being good, he gets a wee bit of chicken.  When Wiley is being great, he gets a bigger piece of chicken.  When Wiley just saved Tokyo from Godzilla . . . you get it.  “But every time you break it, crumbs fall on the ground and my dog is looking at the ground rather than doing what I want them to do” you say (you said that before in other product descriptions, just saying).  Not with these bad boys.  Our Chicken Snaps snap with few crumbs, leaving your pups snoot pointing at you and not pounding the dirt for missed bits.

Ingredients: chicken gizzards and hearts

Size: 4 oz bag


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