Our pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just like we do, and the beautiful year ’round weather of San Diego presents special challenges.

What is our “allergy season?”

While Spring is the obvious choice our pets often exhibit symptoms other times of the year, especially in Autumn.

Fortunately there are many natural supplements and foods that are beneficial and safe to use all year.

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It’s tempting to just suppress the symptoms of itchy skin with drugs and sprays, but if you understand why it’s happening you’ll see why it’s essential to pay attention to your pet’s whole health for lasting results.

Histamines, which cause that itchy reaction, are released from mast cells when the immune system feels under attack. In a healthy dog this isn’t too problematic because the liver then releases antihistamines to calm things down again (in Traditional Chinese Medicine the Liver is known as “The General” because it’s responsible for so much that happens in the body).

Did you know that dogs have 10 times more mast cells in their skin that people do? That’s why itchy skin is the main symptom of any allergic reaction.

This tells you why it’s so important to care for your pet’s immune system and liver. Yes, we have products that help with symptoms, but committing to help your pet’s immune system and liver will provide better results.

Our suggestions cannot take the place of proper veterinary care so be sure to visit your integrative veterinarian when your pet is ill.

Ongoing allergy symptoms create a state of chronic inflammation, which can lead to more serious health problems down the road, so it’s time to get serious with you care.

First and foremost, feeding a diet that doesn’t contribute to inflammation is the core foundation to the rest of your pet’s care. That means not only avoiding suspected triggers, but feeding a fresh, species-appropriate diet as much as possible.

This kit can help find out what those triggers are.

Reducing inflammation with supplements is the next step. Herbsmith Clear AllerQi is an excellent product to start with, alongside a probiotic/enzyme and an omega-3 EFA.

Did you know that digestive enzymes improve the absorption of essential fatty acids like fish oil by 71%! This is why we recommend layering in more than one supplement at a time – they help each other perform better which means better results.

For pets with chronic inflammation we also recommend Beta-Thym as a safe supplement for not only reducing inflammation but also strengthening the immune system.

Now for the real healing….

Be sure to “love the liver” by feeding Milk Thistle Seed as part of the diet. You can start by feeding it by itself, then switch to a more complete immune system builder that includes it. It’s well known that early liver dysfunction doesn’t really show up in tests, so this is a good thing to do even if your vet says everything is normal.

Speaking of the immune system – if your pet, despite these efforts at a cleaner diet, symptom-reducing supplements, and liver support is still suffering then you need to supplement long term with immune-strengthening formulas. These usually include medicinal mushrooms, which are a powerhouse source of immune balancing beta-glucans.

Healing seasonal allergies and chronic inflammation can be a journey with some frustrations. Always know that at Dexter’s we’re here to help you on that journey.