Addressing your pet’s health seasonally can work wonders in keeping their health in balance.
Have you seen your pet’s health change in the Spring? Some pets eat more grass, others get more itchy or have skin eruptions or ear infections appear. These can all be a sign of their body needing some extra seasonal help.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Spring is the season that governs the Liver. The liver in turn governs the body – you can’t live without it! It’s responsible for filtering just about everything the comes into the body, and in Spring it springs to life. If your pet’s liver isn’t functioning optimally this is the time of year you’re most likely to see overt symptoms.
What does the liver have to do with allergies?
A healthy liver produces an enzyme called histaminase which acts as a natural antihistamine. When the liver is stressed it cannot produce enough of this enzyme, so the natural protection is gone and allergy symptoms appear. Mast cells release histamine, and dogs have ten times more mast cells in their skin the humans, so itching all over the body is a common symptom.
Herbs – herbal supplements are an essential component for improving liver function, reducing allergy symptoms, and improving the immune system.

We love Pet Wellness Blends Detox/Liver Cleanse for dogs suffering from symptoms of spring allergies. It includes ingredients to help repair and invigorate the liver, draw out impurities through the digestive tract, chelate heavy metals, and support the adrenals.

We also love the Detox Blend and Liver Defense liquid formulas from Animal Essentials that provide gentle support for the liver.

Digestive Enzymes and Pre/Pro-biotics – these should be a part of every pet’s diet. They reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and improve the immune system. Enzymes improve the assimilation of EFAs by 71%.
Essential Fatty Acids – fish oil added to the food is the best source of Omega-3 EFAs. EFA’s reduce the body’s inflammatory response to invading allergens and improve skin integrity. Absorption of allergens through the skin is one of the primary routes.
Joint Supplements – those containing MSM, Chondroitin, and herbs help inflammation throughout the body, not just in the joints, so pets who have chronic symptoms of inflammation can benefit from these supplements.
Healthy Diet – it’s essential that your pet get the best food possible. Including fresh food is important for good functioning of the body. Older animals in particular need highly digestible food in order for them to have a healthy immune system.
Come in and talk to our staff about what will work best for your dog or cat this Spring, and help them have a comfortable and healthy season.