Stephanie has had a lifelong passion for pets, and that enthusiasm shows here at Dexter’s. She has a Lab/Whippet mix named Bella, and a tabby cat named Ron Burgundy.

“I can’t express how much all my animals mean to me, and working here has allowed me to provide them a much higher quality of life through diet, supplements, treats and more.”

What are you feeding at home?

I feed PureVita Turkey & Sweet Potato kibble with Smallbatch Raw Chicken for Bella, and Orijen 6 Fish kibble with Lotus Pâtés for my cat Ron.

What’s your pet’s favorite toy?

Bella is a sporty gal who loves the Kong tennis balls. Ron loves tinsel balls!

What natural remedy do you rely on?

Pet ReLeaf’s 700 CBD Oil is my go-to remedy for my pets. It is the most effective natural pain reliever I’ve tried for Bella and it has become a staple in her golden years.

How did your pet come into your life?

Ron Burgundy came into my life as the smallest in the litter of a cat rescued while pregnant by a friend. Bella was a rescue from Labs and More roughly a year after we got Ron and they have been frienemies ever since.