Fresh is Best

Our true passion is educating owners about the benefits of feeding dogs and cats a raw food diet. While processed foods have become the norm, our pets’ digestive tracts are still designed for fresh food. Over the years we’ve had many owners report that their pets’ chronic illnesses have disappeared since they changed them to a raw diet. This may sound like another fad, but indeed, it’s a tradition for dogs and cats. Think about it – how different is a dog from a coyote, or a housecat from a bobcat?

What does 25% look like?
  • Freeze-Dried/Dehydrated

    Bridging the gap between raw or home-cooked diets and dry or canned food. They are processed at a much lower temperature than dry or canned foods, thus retaining more natural nutrition.

  • Lightly Cooked

    Like home-cooked but with the convenience of ready-to-feed frozen portions. They are highly palatable and come in a variety of options, including some for medical needs.