It has been challenging trying to navigate the murky division between fact and fiction in regards to the pentobarbital discovered in both the Evangers and Party Animal brands of canned pet food.

The scope of the Evanger’s tainted meat is painful, not only for the loss of pet’s lives and health, but the loss of trust we put in these companies. Because Evangers packages other pet food brands that Dexter’s Deli carries, this has hit extra close to home. So, when pentobarbital was confirmed, along with the discovery of horse meat, many companies who had their food packaged by Evangers abandoned ship immediately, with one glaring exception: Party Animal. So, it was not surprising when pentobarbital was discovered in Party Animal formulas as well.

We were a fan of the Party Animal line from the start, so the sting of ending our relationship with them hurts, as it was a favorite brand for many of our customers. Party Animal marketed their brand as certified organic, so people felt good about feeding this line and the price was easy on the pocket book. As we learn more, maybe it was cheap for a reason.

How did pentobarbital get into cans of Party Animal if all the ingredients are from certified organic sources and the handling of the ingredients complies with USDA National Organic Program procedures?

How is Party Animal able to produce an organic product so inexpensively, when other high quality brands are $2 to $3 more?

These questions and many more, are questions that consumers want answered. But, with our current government administration complicating the truth more with FDA deregulation on the horizon and current documents being hidden from public view (requiring a court order to see any damning FDA reports), how can consumers really trust that they are buying safe pet food that contains what it claims?

Most of the multi-billion-dollar pet food industry does not willingly answer consumer concerns regarding product efficacy, safety or sourcing. At Dexter’s Deli, we will continue to do our best to educate and inform pet owners and sometimes the truth is hurts, but the lies from the pet industry can also be deadly for our pets.
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