Tori founded Dexter’s Deli in 1996, the first store in San Diego to sell natural foods for pets and at the time was one of only a handful of stores across the country to promote the concept of healthy and alternative ways to care for our dogs and cats. Her passion for natural health and years of experience in the human health food industry were the foundation of Dexter’s Deli. Tori is all about local and regionally sourced whenever possible and in 2014 she launched her own line of locally sourced fresh, raw food for dogs and cats called “Dexter’s Delish” and recently added an original all-natural dog biscuits and doggy pup-cakes to the product line that are being locally fresh-baked in Oceanside, CA. Along with her wonderful staff, passion and commitment to providing the best and most up-to-date information for all things natural for pets, Dexter’s Deli has earned a reputation as one of top natural pet stores in San Diego. She follows a natural lifestyle in all aspects of her life and her business and believes that Dexter’s Deli has taken on a life of it’s own because of the amazing customers who are just as passionate about their pets as she is.

What are you feeding at home?
Like many small dogs, Blueberry can be a finicky eater, surprisingly she always love a morning chicken-neck (x2 week) Other meals include Dexter’s Delish or Halshan Complete Beef or Turkey, warmed with bone-broth and spinkled with freeze dried Beef. Supplements added – Herbal Energetics Pet Boost and Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet.

What’s your pet’s favorite treat?
Blue loves Polka Dog Cod Skins, Turkey Tendon Chews or Dexter’s Chicken Jerky.

What’s your pet’s favorite toy?
Her small orange Chuck-it ball and her big stuffed polar bear (not sold at Dexter’s)

What natural remedy do you rely on?
Blueberry, like many smaller dogs, needs attention paid to her teeth. Our current regime is goat milk and regular brushing, plus twice a year anesthesia-free dental cleanings.

How did your pet come into your life?
I adopted Blueberry from Helen Woodward, it was magical – she picked me – was not expecting an opinionated little terrier.