When you spend your money in a locally owned independent business much more money returns to the local community.

This summer PETCO, originally a local San Diego store, now a super-giant with more than 1,150 stores nationwide (including more than 30 of their boutique-sized Unleashed stores) bought a locally owned 10-store chain called Pet People.

This purchase is a new sort of addition to this pet supply giant and an example of the ever changing ways in which large corporations are trying to make themselves look small to the consumer.

This trend is happening all over the country, not exclusively in the pet supply business. As customers are becoming more savvy shoppers big corporations are trying to catch the “local” wave by buying up smaller stores and operating them in such as way so they’ll appear to the community as the same small, local business.

Well some may say that this is capitalism, just the natural progression of business, our “dog eat dog” world if you will. We here at Dexter’s Deli can tell you that these sorts of acquisitions negatively impact not just the independent local retailers but also their customers and the community.

When you spend your money in a locally owned independent business much more money returns to the local community, in contrast to money spent in national chains.

Dexter’s Deli has been in business for over 15 years and we have become a leader in the natural pet community by offering high-quality natural foods and products, and by working hard to bring you accurate, up-to-date information so you can care for your pets in the healthiest way possible.

Stores like Dexter’s Deli are important to the community in part because we help push the envelope, along with you, our forward thinking customers, about pet care. The fact is that you can’t buy this sort of fresh passion and “can it” as your own.

Dexter’s Deli is far from disappearing. We know that it’s our customers’ support and shared passion that keeps Dexter’s Deli, and stores like us, strong and moving forward.

Thank you all for your support – we know that sometimes it isn’t easy in our busy lives to make that extra stop to shop for your pet – but we’re confident that extra trip to your local retailer enriches, educates, and brings you and your pet a smile.

Take a moment and check out the website of the 3/50 Project – Saving the Brick and Mortars Our Nation is Built On and spread the word.